Emily Liu

Year of the Tiger Series

The Tiger Seeks the Blooming Flower

Each painting embraces a powerful presence tamed through beauty and grace.

The Tiger Seeks the Blooming Flower Art Series Strives for Transcending the Past, Embracing the Present and Transforming the Future Fearlessly

In light of the upcoming Chinese New Year, traditional Chinese painter Emily (Liu Jinxia) brings forward The Tiger Seeks the Blooming Flower, a series of twelve gold dusted paintings, each representing a month, in honor of the year of the Tiger. In free-flowing, intricate brushstrokes, Emily paints an elegant composition of opposing elements in symmetry with each other. The Tigers in her paintings look off into the distance, gazing tenderly towards a bed of delicate, blooming flowers.

In the nearing end of the year of the Ox, many have made memories to ponder while anticipating a celebration for a new beginning. In the reflection of the upcoming Chinese New Year, the Tiger must leave the past behind and grab hold of the year ahead in a balanced disposition of ambition and thoughtfulness. The reconciliation between the tenderness of the Flower and the brashness of the Tiger calls for a time of great prosperity into the New Year. Together they transcend the past and embrace the present; transforming the future fearlessly.

30x26cm The Tiger Seeks the Blooming Flower Series, 2022


Emily Liu

Liu Jin Xia (Emily) has been exploring the beauty of nature in Traditional Chinese painting for ten years. Inspired by the essence of nature, she conveys moments in passing through her paintings.

"Her work is a part of her, as every branch is a painting and every leaf is the evolving tool that brings a piece to its creation." -Xing Tan Art Museum, Beijing

The transformative nature of a tree conveys her inner beauty.

“I like capturing the moment in which a flower blooms, a fruit ripens, a rain curtain passes, or how fog peaks over the mountains. I see beauty captured in these moments now lost in time.”

118.5x64.6cm Red Maple Trees and Deer, 2018


Some of her works

Here you will see some the most popular and stunning Emily Liu artworks which were elaborated while she was in Beijing, China.

Early Spring, 2018


Ganoderma, 2012


Ape, 2019


170x45x4cm Heavenly Mountain, 2021

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